Best Outdoor Music Venues in the US


Watching a concert outdoors can be a pleasurable experience when the weather is right. Apart from the music, the stage designs also appeal to the concert-goers as it only adds to the experience.

Since the venues are outdoor, you’ll be listening to music as well as enjoying the stunning landscape surrounding you. Here are some of the best outdoor music venues in the United States.

Crosby Theatre

The Crosby Theatre is surrounded by Sangre de Cristo as well as the Jemez mountains. The venue is also the home of Santa Fe Opera. There is also a roof in the open-air theatre that is designed to maximize sound output and also to collect rainwater which is stored and used. The theatre is almost 27,000 square feet big, and this includes the stage and the mezzanine roofs. The theatre is named after the founder John Crosby and can house up to 2,128 guests. The Crosby Theatre has seen more than 1500 performances which range from classic works to world premieres.

Crosby Theatre


Gorge Amphitheatre

The Gorge Amphitheatre was opened in the year 1985 and has since been known all around the world as one of the best, if not the best, outdoor music theatres. It can be found near the Columbia River, and you’ll be treated to the Cascade Mountain landscape when you’re there. The space can house more than 20,000 guests, and these guests usually set a camp in the nearby campgrounds before the show. Many notable artists have performed in the Gorge Amphitheatre; some of them include the Dave Matthews Band, Tom Petty and the Pearl Jam.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion has 120-foot stainless steel ribbons that stretch all over the Great Lawn and can be found in Chicago’s Millenium Park as an installation. The venue was designed by Frank Gehry, and it has both a lawn space and fixed seating. The Jay Pritzker Pavilion can house more than 11,000 guests, and many of the concerts that happen here are free. It is also the home of Grant Park Music Festival. Some of the notable artists to have performed here are Clint Black and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Starlight Theatre

Starlight Theatre features unique backgrounds and theatre, concert productions and is one of the few remaining self-producing outdoor theatres in the United States. The construction of the venue was initially started in the year 1925 as the Queen of Romania’s visit saw a need for an outdoor performance venue.

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