Details to Check From the Employees During the Vaccination Program

A lot of teams and departments should be involved when a vaccination program is going to be organized in your office because the employees would not be aware of anything and as an employer, you must make sure that all the details about your employees are given to the hospitals properly. You should also keep the employees informed about such a program being conducted at your office so that they take participation in huge numbers because this is a health-related camp and you must ensure that everyone in an organization is actively participating so that it becomes a successful campaign.

  1. Collect the details

The first and foremost thing that you must be collecting from all your employees during corporate flu jabs are their names, contact numbers, email ids, their age and also check for their blood group. You also need to check for any other ailments that they have. If you are not sure of collecting these things all by yourself you can always ask for a sample document from the hospital and the doctor whoever is coming to your premises for the health camp can give you a report which can just be populated and sent across to them on time.


  1. Send a circular

You also need to remember to inform the employees about the visit of the doctor and it is important that you also send a circular to all of them either through email or call them for a meeting and during that meeting you must make sure to even tell them about the importance of taking active participation in this particular event that is being organized.

  1. Give them all the details

Also, make sure that you are telling them about the health camp and the doctor who is coming to visit the premises because only when they have the trust in you they would be able to attend and seek active participation in the camp. If you want to make the camp successful, you must certainly take time to address the gathering properly.

  1. It’s free of cost

You should also tell them that no money is involved in this particular camp and it is totally free camp so that the employees would come forward to take active participation. Some of the employees would not come and attend the campaign thinking that it is money oriented and only when you clear all the details to them especially regarding the money they would be confident and comfortable.

Most of the employees would not want to get the vaccination at the office with the cost involved so if you are keeping at free of cost then they would definitely come forward and get vaccinated to stay healthy.

  1. Send circular to the entire office

You need to also remember to send a circular separately to the ones who have not come to the office on that day because people who are absent for should also make sure to take part in the program.

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