Things to do in NYC


New York City is a great place to be in if you know what to do. But when you haven’t planned everything out, it can be pretty dull.

Plenty of things can be done in New York such as visiting the museum or statue of liberty. Here are some of the few things that you can do in NYC if you’re visiting.

Apple Picking

There are many farms and orchards that you can visit in NYC. You can also harvest apples if you are up for it. Apples such as the Pink Lady, Gala or even McIntosh can be found in the city. You can use these apples to bake a pie. The apple picking locations may also have corn mazes or hayrides if you visit in the fall. These places are open all year and hence, you’ll be able to pluck different fruits during different seasons.

Apple Picking

The food

New York City is a hub for different cultures to co-exist. With these cultures comes different food. If you haven’t tried Jewish food, visit Gottlieb’s restaurant. Gottlieb’s has been around since 1962, and they offer meat-centric food such as matzo ball soup or the pastrami. If you really want to experiment, you can try the cherry soup or the kugel, which is actually a sweet noodle pie. The place is closed on Saturdays as it is the Jewish Sabbath.


Iggy’s may seem like any other karaoke spot in NYC. But after closer inspection, you’ll realize it is a real roller coaster ride. You’ll find yourself in a dance party filled with aspiring rappers and rock stars that entertain while they are drunk off their minds. Although this is a staple in many karaoke spots, Iggy’s really does stand out from the rest because of what they have to offer.

VR Experience

For the low-low price of $39, you’ll be able to experience different worlds right in front of you at VR World. For two hours, you can play a host of games.


Live Music

There is a place called Baby’s All Right which is a brunch spot by day, and a live music venue by night. The tickets start at only $10 and there is a new performer every night. The floor is designed to replicate the maze from the Stanley Kubrick movie, The Shining.

Brooklyn Bridge

Although the Brooklyn Bridge can be crowded, there are great options for food and drinks on either side of the bridge. It is also an excellent way to see the skyline, and you’ll find yourself drawn to this particular tourist spot again and again.

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