Ways to Improve your Credit Score

Credit Score

In order to improve your credit score, it is vital that you be patient as you have to consider years of past behavior. Here are a couple of steps by which you can improve your credit score.

Credit card balances

An essential element that dictates your credit score is the amount of revolving credit you have when compared to the amount that you are using. Hence, it is necessary to have a small percentage when it comes to the above. A safe rate would be 30% or lower.

To improve credit scores when having multiple credit card balances, make use of a personal loan or a balance transfer credit card. Even if you pay your balances, you may still end up having a high utilization ratio as issuers report the balance on the statement to the bureau. To avoid this issue, inquire whether the credit card issuer will accept multiple payments throughout the month.

Credit balances

Elimination of credit card balances

Having small balances on multiple credit cards can hurt your credit score. A solution to this problem is to have all the small balances from all the credit cards that you own paid off. After this, use only one, or two at the maximum, credit cards to buy everything.

By doing so, you’ll not be polluting the credit report with a lot of unnecessary balances.

Old debts

Many believe that the way to having a good credit score is by having no records of debt on your report. That is why people attempt to get them off their credit report as soon as they clear their debts.

This isn’t advisable as having old debts on your report can, in fact, be beneficial for you as it is an indicator of how well the situation was handled. That is why having a long history of debt will aid you in having a better credit score.


It is important to pay your bills on time so as to not let your credit score drop. This is an essential way to maintaining a good credit score, and if you do not pay your bills on time, this may hurt your credit score as well as hurt your credit.

Items that aren’t associated with credit reporting can also be added in your report. This may even be as small as library dues.


In order to improve credit scores, you need to avoid taking risks or associating yourself with businesses that may indicate money stress, whether it be future or current. An example of this could be using your card in a pawnshop.

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