Are Scaffolds Indispensable for Construction?

Construction industry is a messy one with many unavoidable technology and accessories. The scaffoldings are such an accessory which is significant in the construction sites for various purposes. Even after the construction of the buildings the need for scaffoldings comes when it is the time of repair or maintenance. It is made in such a way by creating a network of frames and planks for support and is connected to each other by joints. The main purpose of building such scaffolds are to give the workers easy access to the sides of buildings, interior walls, ceilings and all such areas of the building. Often the scaffolds are used by adjusting it for seating, exhibition stands, ski ramps and shoring. It is a well accepted fact that the purpose of scaffolds is same throughout the history of the world. Those areas which are too high to reach are easily accessed by the workers with the help of scaffolds.


But nowadays the technology is developed very much so that the standards of safety of the scaffolds are also increased. The designs are also changed in such a way that the customization is possible since particular needs of each customer are focused these days. The staging has many stronger and innovative ideas as well as designs which reduce the risk to life and money at workplaces. The dangerous situations are reduced to the maximum now. The twentieth century was the starting period of such innovations which later extended to the following years.  

The introduction of steel water pipes which are tubular in shape is one of the changes occurred in the early 20th century. This was done by replacing the timber poles with an aim to standardize dimensions and also to improve the stability of the structure. It is very important to be noted that the scaffoldings are of different types astound the different parts of the world. All kinds regional’s influences are present in the way how scaffolds are built. The climatic conditions, geographical structure and socio cultural aspects influence the making and designs of elevated platforms to a large extent.  

However the interaction between the building and the scaffold is the most important one. On the basis of this there are different types of scaffold slice independent scaffolding to birdcage scaffolding, scaffolding of single pole, bakers scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, frame scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, swing stage scaffolding, roll and fold, pump jack, tube and clamp, hanging bracket, bridging scaffolding, staging and lighting, roofing scaffolding and many more. What create the difference are the various factions done by each of the type. For this reason the set of features for each type is also important. The suspended scaffolding or the handing scaffolding also has the same kind of difference. 

The scaffoldings are very famous and common among the different parts of the world, but the way they are made depends upon the geographical structure or climatic conditions of the each place. In fact how the scaffolds function also varies according to the features.

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