Coolest Gadgets of CES 2018


CES, called the Consumer Electronics Show previously, is an event where the biggest players in the tech market come to display what they have got. It is, without a doubt, the biggest gadget event of the year and people wait for it eagerly every year.

The 2018 show was focused more on improving the smart home concept by tweaking communication between gadgets. In this article, we’ll show you some of the coolest products that were showcased in CES 2018.

Lenovo Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display is a voice activated computer that is attached with a screen which will display information that is supplementary. It is powered by Google Assistant. You’ll be able to get information such as nearby supermarkets or restaurants when asked.

Smart Display

Unlike its competitor, the Amazon Echo Show, the Lenovo Smart Display can play YouTube videos, and it also has a larger screen. The design is made to weave the device into the surroundings of your home seamlessly.

L’Oreal UV Sense

A battery free sensor that can be worn comfortable on your nails, the L’Oreal UV Sense is programmed to detect ultraviolet exposure. The sensor is capable of storing up to three months’ data which is then transferred to an app whenever the sensor is close to your smartphone.

L’Oreal worked with Yves Behar to develop a piece of hardware that looks more like an accessory than a wearable technology. The device has an NFC antenna, a UV sensor, and a temperature sensor.

My Special Aflac Duck

My Special Aflac Duck is designed to provide comfort to children that are diagnosed with cancer. Developed by Sproutel, the toy is unlike any other of its nature as most, if not all, are designed for the intent of education.

The robotic duck can comprehend feelings through a token which can be placed to its chest. This will help the duck to react accordingly as it is meant to be a companion to children whenever they undergo therapy. The duck will be available in early 2019, free of cost.

Vuzix Blade Augmented Reality Glasses

This Vuzix Blade augmented reality glasses will support Alexa in order to assist the wearer in getting directions or for knowing what the weather is like. The design looks better than the Google Glass as it more stylish. The potential of these glasses are massive if they developers optimize them with the right apps.

Byton Concept Car

Imagine a living room atmosphere inside your car. That is exactly what Byton is trying to achieve here as they look to make use of vehicles for more than just transportation.

In theory, the car will feature a large screen that is spread across the dashboard, and it will feature facial recognition in order to identify the driver so that it can load personalized settings,

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